• Joseph Franklin

High Throughput PLD Design

Over the past 12 years of growing films, I have sat for hours a day waiting for the chamber to pump down, heat up and cool down. This are clearly necessary tasks when it comes to making quality thin films but this has always seems like a ineffecient use of time.

In fact, on doing a time audit, I found that I was only growing for 4-6 % of the time I was in the PLD room, the rest of the time was setting up and waiting.

It was time for a big intervention. The goal was to grow for over 40 % of the time, making the most of my time in the room.

After a year of designing a new heat, building, testing and commission, the High Throughput PLD system at LBNL's ALS was finally complete.

This cost effective modification meant that I can grow 10 times the amount of films I could before in a given time. In a normal 8 hour day, you can make 40 films and if you pull a long shift this can be up to 60 films.

This has completely revolutionised the way I approach thin film growth and design experiments. What's even better is this available for you to use as well through the User Program. Contact me for further information for how to get to use the system

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