The Israel firm "Thin Films Ltd" specializes in the field of thin protective glasslike coatings obtained by advanced high voltage sputtering technology at low temperatures 30-150C (Cold HV-Sputtering).
Such coatings are amorphous, dense, transparent, have the high adhesion and low level contamination. The dense coatings well resist mechanical wear and corrosion. Such coatings may be utilized as solid lubricant for degrease of friction, for encapsulating and insulation different articles.
Low operating temperature of process allows to apply the coatings on finished articles, not changing the technology of their production and not impairing the articles geometry.
Ranking among the high technologies, "Cold HV-Sputtering" finds successful application in microelectronics,optics, medical engineering, machining tools, precision mechanics and in the bonding techniques of articles composed of problematic materials.
Currently the firm performs the orders of top companies, for example, in production protected aluminum reflectors for Computed Radiography systems and conducts intensive work in the R&D fields, such as: functional coatings for plastics, coatings for solid lubrication of machining tools elements, coating encapsulation and insulation of the different articles etc.